OPWA Past Webinars

In 2020, the Ontario Public Works Association began offering a number of webinars in lieu of our traditional in-person events. We have had an over-whelming response to these webinars and anticipate continuing these into 2021. If you were unable to join us for any of these webinars, we have provided following links to the video webinar recordings.

Please check our website homepage regularly for upcoming webinars that may be of interest.


OPWA Young Professionals

2020 Virtual Breakfast Forum – Session#1 – Women in Construction: A Paradigm Shift, Starting in the most unlikely place – June 18th, 2020 : (Watch Video)

2020 Virtual Breakfast Forum – Session#2 – Asset Management and the Curious Mind – July 30th, 2020 : (Watch Video)

Lunch and Learn: Contract Administration 101 – September 3rd, 2020 : (Watch Video)

Career and Professional Development Panel Discussion – November 10th, 2020 : (Watch Video)


Ontario Public Works Connects

Upcoming Changes to Watermain Disinfection Procedure and Linear Sewage Works Approvals – August 25th, 2020 : (Watch Video)

Climate Change – How Do We Get There, Practical Ways to Advance Climate Action – October 7th, 2020 : (Watch Video)

How Changes to the Fisheries Act may impact Your Infrastructure Projects – October 13th, 2020 : (Watch Video)

Addressing the Stormwater Management Crisis in Urban Ontario – December 9th, 2020 : (Presentation) (Watch Video)

Using Geothermal Energy to Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs – February 24th, 2021 : (Watch Video)

Learn About Adjudication For Disputes on Construction Projects – April 28th, 2021 : (Watch Video)

Cast Iron Pipes in Water Distribution Systems – Making Informed Decisions on Renewal Plans – June 30th, 2021 : (Presentation) (Watch Video)

Ontario Public Works Connects – Excess Soils, Ontario Regulation 406/19 – August 5th, 2021 : (Watch Video)

Management Challenges in Implementing Change in Snow and Ice Control – September 27th, 2021 : (Watch Video)

Use of Social Media in Winter Control Operations – November 3rd, 2021 : (Watch Video)

Ontario’s Native Freshwater Mussels Implications For Infrastructure Projects – November 17th, 2021 : (Watch Video)

Roundabout Design and Construction – December 5th, 2021 : (Watch Video)

Responding to Public Works Emergencies Through OnWARN – February 3rd, 2022 :

Progress Update on the Toronto Port Lands Flood Protection Project – February 23rd, 2022 : (Watch Video)

Tackling Unconscious Bias and Creating an Inclusive Workplace – March 22nd, 2022 : (Presentation) (Watch Video)


OPWA Right-of-Way Management Committee

What is ROW Management Anyways – October 1st, 2020 : (Watch Video)

Working on the ROW where Pipelines are Present – October 6th, 2020 : (Watch Video)

Digital Twin & GIS – October 8th, 2020 : (Watch Video)

MultiChannel GBR(MCGPR) – Applications for Your Project – October 13th, 2020 : (Watch Video)

Digging into Late Solutions – October 15th, 2020 : (Watch Video)

Crossbore Safety – October 20th, 2020 : (Watch Video)

Mobile LiDAR – Providing Efficiency in Survey Data Capture – October 22nd, 2020 : (Watch Video)

5G/Small Cell – October 27th, 2020 : (Watch Video)

Winter Operations Within the Right of Way – October 29th, 2020 : (Watch Video)

The Future of Utility Coordination – November 26th, 2020 : (Watch Video)


OPWA International Women’s Day Seminar

2021 OPWA Women’s Day Seminar : (Watch Seminar Recording)

2022 OPWA Women’s Day Seminar : (Watch Seminar Recording)

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